Top Chatbot Development Company
We build intelligent chatbots and voice bots with the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
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    Top Chatbot Development Company
    We build intelligent chatbots and voice bots with support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP)
    Our Chatbot Development Services

    We build highly scalable and concurrent load-handling chatbot solutions that cater to the need of startups as well as large enterprises. We support a customer in the complete life cycle of a project from conversation design to after-live supervised & unsupervised learning of the bot.

    Conversation UI Design

    We dig into the crucial aspects of UI creation the outline the critical elements of conversational UI aspects

    Integration with Existing System

    We will help you unlock the chatbot potential by integrating with enterprise software that can pull data and more.

    Bot Architecture Design

    Our business architects will help you choose a mix of predefined library model and machine learning model architect.

    Deployment & UAT

    Our team of experts will ensure user acceptance testing and deployment that fosters machine learning

    NLP Engine Integration

    Our expert NLP integration allows the chatbot to understand and extract meaningful information for a custom user experience.

    Feature & Growth Consulting

    Chatbot integration is driven by consulting for growth and machine learning application for driving customer user experience.
    We Develop Chatbot for Every Industry

    A chatbot can have an advantage for any service or product industry including Customer Support, eCommerce, Virtual Assistant, Sales, etc.
    A few prominent industry use cases of chatbots are as below :

    Your digital assistant takes care of your customers:
    • Bots master context and content across conversations, so the customer feels, is heard, and understood. Your customers can always get assistance when and where they need it.
    • They are multilingual and proactive. Hence, reduce customer frustrations and increase brand loyalty.
    • With this intelligent virtual customer support, you can offer personalized self-service to customers.
    Keep your focus on business dynamics and let our Bot take care of the rest :
    • Give your visitors a personalized experience instead of a repeat welcome.
    • Bots can answer all the pre-purchase queries like price, shipment, product description, and more.
    • They can even be programmed to assist the users during re-visits and cart clearance.
    Let the bots take care of the reporting while your team works on the value addition:
    • Chatbots can handle supply chain queries with a custom experience.
    • It notifies the shipment movement alerts and keeps real-time inventory.
    • Chatbots can assist in most of the tasks like generating order queues, purchase orders, and analytic reports.
    Customer delight with 24x7 assistance with Chatbots:
    • The bots offer 24×7 real-time interactions irrespective of the location and time zone of the client.
    • They can handle queries from multiple candidates simultaneously ensuring zero wait time for candidates.
    • They help in keeping the candidates engaged throughout the recruitment process.
    Bot for handling admin queries:
    • Bots can execute all rule-based, frequently occurring structured tasks. Search enabled bots can even help your team solve search queries from the database supporting GRC.
    • Can deliver assistance in training and maintaining the workflow instructions with permission requests and approval-based execution.
    • Bots can set schedules, remind and maintain the minutes of meetings.
    Artificial Intelligence(AI) Bots & Natural Language Processing

    The human mind is unique and it guides the way we process information and ask questions. As amazing as this fact is it becomes a challenge for Artificial Intelligence to give the customer a customized experience. As there are over dozens of ways in which we can ask the same question. In fact, there are infinite ways in which a user can produce a statement to express an emotion. Even if we limit our work to business queries, there are still hundreds of ways queries can be generated.

    This is where the role of machine learning consulting for Natural Language Processing (NLP) comes to play. NLP assists in making a connection between the incoming queries from a human being and generating a system-generated response. The response can vary from a simple answer to an action-based execution or suggestive action options.

    The role of NLP tool can be defined in 3 simple steps:

    • It converts the human query to the system-required input language.
    • It defines the major highlighters or context of the query that meets the answering parameters database.
    • At last, it matches the highlighters from the query with the database and calls the API`s for suggestive action.

    Below is the list of NLP engines/tools that we can integrate for Chatbot development

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